Dear customers,

this page hopefully will help you if you don't speak German.


Google Chrome has a translation feature that allow you to translate entire web sites.
Please use that to just learn about our products.

But do not use it to register or place orders on our site.

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Go to English site translation Help for registration and order

If you are a new client and want to register - or if you want to order
our products we recommend to take the original German language
to get the full functionality of our shop.

This document will help to understand what it is written in German
while registering and ordering:
Soundwonderland regist and purchase help


Go to French site translation Aide pour enregistration et achat

Si vous êtes un nouveau client et que vous voulez pour vous enregistre -
- ou si vous voulez commander nos produits nous vous conseillons
de prendre la langue d'origine allemande, pour obtenir les fonctions
sur notre boutique.

Ce document vous aidera à comprendre ce que ce est écrit en allemand
lors de l'enregistrement et de commande:

Soundwonderland - aide pour enregistration et achat


Our Soundwonderland customer support PDF document will give you anwers to those questions:

01. New customer registration/signup in our online shop
02. Our ordering and shipping methods
03. Keyboard requirements for Soundwonderland Software
04. How to transfer new software in your keyboard
05. „My ordered zip pack is empty!”
06. File types in your zip package or on your USB drive
07. Prepare software location on the keyboard
08. „Help! Where are my files suddenly gone?”
09. How to copy files from the USB stick to the keyboard hard drive
10. For keyboards without internal hard drive
11. Can I use on my Soundwonderland software after buying a new keyboard?
12. Product upgrades: Special rates and handling
13. Foot controller assignment
14. Multipads in registrations
15. Fingering for the left hand
16. Split point settings
17. Vocal Harmony - arranged vocalist track at midi track 16
18. Our shop demosongs
19. Why does Soundwonderland not sell sheet music for wellknown songs?
20. Our newsletter – how to stay up to date
21. Read and write feedbacks
22. Something else to think

If you don't understand something that is written on our homepage please contact us! :-)